Tesla's Cheap EVs; Dime Heist; Maersk Cuts 10,000 | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 144

Also on the podcast, 3M knew of danger before accident, Pfizer cuts billion in costs and closes U.S. plant, GM and Stellantis buy in to exotic magnet maker, farm-free food and a new smart weapon avoids headshots.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Pfizer to Cut $3.5B in Costs, Close NJ Plant - @2:49

Pfizer was a COVID vaccine and booster pioneer, but now the company has to make some tough decisions after "the world moved on."

Tesla May Soon Build a Much More Affordable EV - @11:49

A recent Reuters report says Tesla is planning production for a 25,000-euro (~$26,600) electric vehicle.

Shipping Giant Maersk to Slash 10,000 Jobs - @21:08

Last Friday, the company sent shockwaves through the industry when it announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs due to "challenging market conditions resulting in substantially lower freight rates compared to the abnormally high rates in 2022."

Failed U.S. Mint Dime Heist Lands Thieves in Hot Water - @30:50

On April 13th, a truck carrying $750,000 in dimes from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia was on its way to Miami when the driver pulled into a parking lot to get some rest. Under the cloak of night, thieves stole more than 2 million dimes.

Weapon Designed to Avoid Headshots - @42:10

The new Smart ProtectoR 303-T from weapons maker FN Herstal is being sold as a less-lethal option law enforcement can use for crowd control, riots and day-to-day patrols.

In Case You Missed It

Researchers Evaluate 'Farm-Free Food' - @51:19

The potential of synthetic dietary fats.

3M Knew Process Was Dangerous Before Fatal Accident, OSHA Says - @57:12

According to OSHA, a recent death at a 3M factory could have been avoided if the company had followed federal workplace safety regulations and heeded its own advice.

GM, Stellantis Invest $33M in Company Making Magnets Without Rare Earth Metals - @1:02:24

Niron Magnetics of Minneapolis says it can build permanent magnets by using iron nitride.

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