Security Breach: Leveraging Threat Intelligence Data

Hacker insight and vulnerability updates are great, but that's only half the battle.

An ever-expanding attack surface has created a number of complexities when it comes to combining the benefits of new automation technologies with the challenges of securing the OT environment and supply chain. This led Cybersixgill to predict that in 2024, more companies will adopt Threat Exposure Management, a holistic, proactive approach to cybersecurity where cyber threat intelligence is a foundational component.

To discuss this perspective, and more, we sat down with Gabi Reish, Global Head of Product Development at Cybersixgill , a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions. Watch or listen as we discuss:

  • How data breaches have grown to average $4.7M per attack in manufacturing - which is $300K more than other industries.
  • Why the biggest benefit of threat intelligence might be gaining a better understanding of how to position cyber assets.
  • The latest SEC regs and how disclosing incidents makes the industry better.
  • The potential impact of virtual patching.
  • Why some OT specialists are being asked to "predict the weather without any forecasting tools."
  • How and why ransomware attacks are getting more complicated.
  • "Human nature is a problem."
  • How AI is allowing hackers to "seem more human" and why that's a huge problem.
  • We need more technology that works like a guardrail.

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