Security Breach: Weaponizing Secure-By-Design

How a greater focus on new and legacy OT connections could alter the cybersecurity battlefield.

Everything old … is new again. While that might seem like a natural lead-in for discussing hacker tactics, that same mantra rings true when discussing OT technology. Mordor Intelligence recently reported that U.S. manufacturing spent over $307 billion on digital transformation technologies last year, and nearly every research and consulting outlet around the world is predicting that those numbers will rise in 2024. 

All this new software, connectivity, automation and equipment creates a familiar challenge when it comes to OT cybersecurity. This meshing of the old and new is something our guest for today’s episode is all too familiar with, and he’s here to break down everything associated with bringing legacy and next-gen together. 

Watch/listen as Josh Williams, Strategic Account Manager at IriusRisk, offers his thoughts on secure-by-design, as well as:

  • Why all risk is not bad risk.
  • How the industrial sector gets a C- when it comes to securely integrating new technology into the OT landscape.
  • Why the onus for secure-by-design concepts resides with the buyer.
  • Why designers of new OT connectivity offerings need to focus on understanding product weaknesses.
  • How monitoring became a critical vulnerability.
  • The double-edged sword of connectivity.
  • How state-sponsored hackers are a threat to more than just political targets.
  • Why industrial OT is the front line in the cyber war.
  • Why he doesn't want to be the "old man yelling at the clouds.".
  • How supply chains have become manufacturing's biggest cyber concerns.

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