Blood Bag Sealer

The portable and compact sealer comes with a built-in battery and wireless recharging base.

Roma Side

Delcon, an innovative SME specializing in designing technological solutions for the blood industry, has introduced a new device called "Roma" in its line of blood collections products, following the success of the innovative blood mixer "Milano."

Roma represents a revolution in the world of sealers – devices used in the processing of blood bags to quickly and sterilely divide tubes into segments. Delcon's device stands out as the only portable and compact sealer with a built-in battery and wireless recharging base. This advancement eliminates the need for operators to constantly replace heavy batteries, allowing for seamless movement and cordless operation. Roma enables collection centers to operate on the move, while blood component production laboratories can easily transition between different lines. Its patented algorithms optimize each weld, making it compatible with all types of tubes and materials used in medical transfusions.

Delcon collaborated with Cefriel, a research, innovation, and training center founded by Politecnico di Milano, along with Italian universities, companies, and local government bodies, for the conceptualization, design, and mechanical development of Roma. The device not only showcases technological advancements but also places a strong emphasis on design quality. With its focus on maximum handling and practicality, Roma introduces a fresh design language to the world of medical blood donation.

Delcon's mission is to humanize medical devices and enhance their quality through design. Aligned with Milano's philosophy, Roma transforms the way the product is managed during use and in stand-by mode. The integrated battery and charging base eliminate the need for cumbersome battery recharging, simplifying welding operations and improving efficiency. Delcon prides itself on intentional and systematic innovation, driven by customer-centric design approaches.

"Overall, Roma represents Delcon's commitment to revolutionize and elevate the blood field by integrating cutting-edge technology and user-centric design principles into our products," states Delcon CEO Barbara Sala.

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