EOS, Tecomet, Precision, and OIC Form Medical Device Additive Manufacturing Pact

The partnership includes a full range of services including front-end engineering and design services, 510k approval pathways, device and machine validation, pre-clinical testing, and commercialization.

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Four leading companies in the medical device manufacturing industry, EOS, Tecomet, Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) and Precision ADM announced a collaborative partnership offering an end-to-end solution for medical device additive manufacturing (AM). The partnership includes a full range of services including front-end engineering and design services, 510k approval pathways, device and machine validation, pre-clinical testing, and commercialization.

The adoption of AM in the medical device market is rapidly increasing due to the proven patient benefits, and the uncertainty in global supply chains where industrial 3D printing has proven to be more robust. With this new partnership, a complete end-to-end solution is provided to customers starting from product design and process development over large-scale manufacturing all the way to testing, validation and FDA submission. The advantage for medical OEMs is a significant reduction in product development lead-time, and a reduced time to market and overall risk, while leveraging the most recent manufacturing innovations.

Key to this partnership are the strengths and industry knowledge of each organization which delivers a seamless, turnkey solution for medical device AM. Specifically, EOS is the global technology leader in both metal and polymer AM, while Tecomet specializes in the precision manufacturing of medical devices and components. OIC provides accredited medical device testing and contract clinical research services to the orthopedic industry. Precision ADM provides comprehensive engineering and AM contract services to the medical device industry. The cohesive team enables medical device manufacturers to compress their time-to-market.

"Scaling AM medical device production requires a complete understanding of the process chain which goes beyond just printing and includes design, post-processing, testing, sterilization, and packaging among other steps," said Dr. Gregory Hayes, EOS SVP of Applied Engineering. "Our partnership with Tecomet, OIC and Precision ADM will yield unparalleled additive manufacturing expertise to help medical device manufacturers navigate the complexities of the regulatory environment while delivering high-quality, reliable products."

Through its innovative technologies such as high-productivity, multi-laser platforms like the EOS M 300-4, to industry-first support free solutions like the recently launched Smart Fusion software, EOS is a pioneer and leading innovator of AM to medical markets. EOS also engineers and produces an extensive portfolio of standard and customized materials designed for medical applications.

"The partnership with EOS, Precision ADM, and Orthopaedic Innovation Centre aligns with our steadfast approach to provide full spectrum, scalable manufacturing solutions to the medical device market," said Andreas Weller, CEO of Tecomet. "Combining the latest additive manufacturing technologies with our precision manufacturing expertise is a further commitment to this growing technology. Our global customers are consistently looking for ways to get their products to market faster, this partnership paired with our exceptional quality systems will offer a unique and comprehensive solution to the industry."

"We are thrilled to work with advanced manufacturing powerhouses EOS, Tecomet, and Precision ADM to provide end-to-end medical device production to leading OEMs," added Trevor Gascoyne, CEO of OIC. "Our renowned testing capabilities and clinical research services will streamline clinical implementation and commercialization efforts unlike any other partnership in the industry."

"By partnering with EOS and Tecomet, we can offer a complete suite of engineering, AM, and machining solutions that will help our customers bring their products to market faster," said Martin Petrak, CEO of Precision ADM. "From materials options to lattice structures, our engineering, testing, and manufacturing services, combined with the expertise of EOS and Tecomet, will ensure that our customers have access to the best possible solution for their needs."

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