Hot Flash-Stopping Wearable Maker Appoints Chief Medical Officer

The new hire comes after Embr Labs recently won additional patents for its technology.

Embr Wave

 Embr Labs, makers of Embr Wave, the leading wearable that utilizes temperature for wellness applications, today announced the formal appointment of Dr. Maria Sophocles as Embr Labs' Chief Medical Officer.  Dr. Sophocles is a board-certified Ob/Gyn and a Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner with 28 years of clinical experience. She founded Women's Healthcare of Princeton, a progressive gynecology practice which draws patients from all over the U.S.

"I am thrilled to join the Embr Labs team and support their mission to improve lives through the use of temperature regulation. Hot flashes negatively affect women at home and at work. The Embr device gives women agency over their symptoms with on-demand relief for hot flashes. It fills a niche in menopause care that no prescription or OTC product currently does. Embr wave is a treatment modality for women who can't or won't use medications or who want an option to reduce break through hot flashes," said Dr. Sophocles. "Menopause care needs more than information, it needs action, and the Embr Wave is a device which immediately addresses symptoms —  it's not a data tracker, it's a hot flash stopper."

"As we attracted customers utilizing the Embr Wave to manage the symptoms of menopause, it was critical for the company to learn from experts in the field of menopausal medicine. Not only is Dr. Sophocles one of the country's leading menopause practitioners, she's been recommending the Embr Wave to patients since the first generation device and recognizes the value of offering a therapy for patients who are seeking natural solutions" said Elizabeth Gazda, CEO of Embr Labs.

Maria will join forces with Dr. Pamela Peeke who will continue to serve as an advisor and lead Embr's research and support for cancer patients, including Embr Labs' ability to address hot flashes in men who are being treated for prostate cancer.

Dr. Sophocles' appointment follows a strong quarter at Embr Labs as the company extended its global leadership position in wearable thermal technology. Embr Labs was granted five additional utility patents in the US and Japan (US11701250B2, US11759350B2, US11755083B2, JP7333575B2, JP7319691B2). These patents strengthen Embr Labs' competitive advantage and are valuable additions to the existing IP assets that enabled Embr Lab's $35 million intellectual property-based financing this year.

"This group of granted patents reflect the technical leadership and innovative solutions that we have built in our first 10 years at Embr Labs," said Matthew Smith, CTO and Co-founder, "We strive for continuous innovation because we know that every step forward translates to a meaningful difference in people's lives."

The Embr Wave wristband uses Embr's patented technology to deliver precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations at the touch of a button for instant, discrete relief and control over hot flashes in menopausal women, improved sleep, and stress management. Clinical research has shown that using Embr Wave provides immediate relief from hot flashes and improves sleep and control over hot flashes for men as they are treated for prostate cancer.  The product is sold directly to consumers on, as well as in leading retail outlets in the US and UK. The Embr Wave is FSA and HSA eligible. Having established successful market traction, Embr is now focused on continuous innovation by deploying hot flash prediction coupled with cooling intervention to prevent hot flashes from occurring.

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