Owlet Launches Smart Baby Monitor in the UK and Across Europe

It includes a monitoring device wraps around baby's foot.

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Owlet announced the UK and European launch of Dream Sock, a smart baby monitor with live health readings and notifications for healthy infants between 0-18 months and 2.5-13.6 kg. This medical device provides parents with real-time health and vital information.

The Owlet Dream Sock is CE and UKCA Marked under EU and UK Medical Device Regulations and meets regulatory standards. This smart digital health infant monitoring device wraps around baby's foot, providing real-time monitoring of pulse rate, oxygen saturation level, sleep patterns, and more. The connected Owlet Dream App (available on iOS and Android) delivers live health readings directly to mobile devices and the included Base Station – both of which will immediately notify users if Baby has low/high pulse rate, or low oxygen. It is clinically proven to accurately track and display an infant’s vital signs, even through gentle motion and across all skin tones.

Historical health readings and sleep trends gathered from baby using Dream Sock can be tracked in the Owlet Dream App, providing caregivers with insights. Parents across the UK and Europe will also now have access to advanced sleep support features. This includes Predictive Sleep Technology, which uses babies’ historical sleep data to provide parents with recommended sleep and wake windows. Dream Sock can also be paired with the Owlet Cam 2 allowing caregivers to see and hear baby from anywhere, receive motion notifications, and more.

Dream Sock is now available for purchase in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, through Owlet’s localized websites and key retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, and others.

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