Ubitus Lets Doctors Practice Robotic Surgery with VR Streaming

It provides a visual and tactile experience.

Smart Surgery

Ubitus is supporting Smart Surgery Technology to roll out its VR driven surgery simulation application – Sim Surgery. Smart Surgery Technology.

Robotic surgery simulators are available only in medical schools or hospitals, as these simulators are bulky and expensive. In addition, availability is also scarce due to disproportionally high demand over supply. Sim Surgery from Smart Surgery Technology addresses this problem with a VR-equipped interactive application, providing the visual experience and tactile feel with operating on 3D organ models through affordable personal VR gear, making practice available to almost every student and doctor.

By using Ubitus solution, Smart Surgery Technology can stream high-quality 3D anatomical model to All-In-One VR headsets without needing a high computing power device onsite, further reducing the barrier to practice.

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