Alphatec Buys Fusion's Robotic Navigation System for $55M

The Robotic-Enabled Minimally Invasive System is an intra-operative platform developed by spine experts.

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Alphatec Holdings, a provider of solutions dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to spine surgery, announced that it has acquired all assets related to the REMI Robotic Navigation System from Fusion Robotics, LLC, a privately held medical technology company, for a purchase price of $55 million.

The REMI (Robotic-Enabled Minimally Invasive) System is an intra-operative platform developed by spine experts with deep navigation and robotics know-how that integrates navigation and robotics into spine procedures utilizing either a 3D imaging scan or 2D fluoroscopic images of the patient. REMI’s small, table-mounted navigation system guides instrumentation and implants to a precise destination during surgery. The incorporation of REMI into ATEC’s procedural strategy will improve surgical predictability, reduce radiation exposure and enhance intra-operative precision.

“ATEC's intention is to further clinical distinction by integrating actionable information into spine’s procedural workflow,” remarked Pat Miles, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “With our SafeOp and EOS systems, we have demonstrated prowess in identifying informational technologies and know-how that can integrate information into spine surgery’s procedural workflow. We are excited to add the Fusion Robotics platform’s navigation and robotic precision capabilities to ATEC’s intra-operative informational ecosystem and advance our commitment to control clinical variables in the operating room.”

“We founded Fusion Robotics with the vision of applying years of experience and extensive know-how in image-guided surgery to designing and developing a more efficient, integrated navigation and robotics solution for spine,” added Kevin Foley, M.D., co-founder of Fusion Robotics, LLC. “We are thrilled that the Fusion team will be able to apply its prowess to accelerating the evolution of the REMI platform as part of ATEC’s innovation machine.”

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