Augmedics Raises $82.5M to Accelerate Adoption of Augmented Reality Spine Surgery

The funds will support Augmedics’ expanding U.S. commercial footprint.


Augmedics today announced the successful close of an $82.5 million Series D financing. The round was led by Dallas-based CPMG and adds Evidity Health Capital as a syndicate partner, with participation from current investors H.I.G. Capital, Revival Healthcare Capital, Almeda Ventures and others. The news comes the same week the company marks its record 4,000th US patient treated with the xvision Spine System which uses augmented reality to give surgeons “x-ray vision” during surgery.

The funds will support Augmedics’ expanding U.S. commercial footprint as well as the delivery of next-generation platform advancements which will enable mass-scale adoption of the xvision technology.

The funding news comes on the heels of a new commercial milestone for the medtech company which has long been a leader in the novel and growing field of augmented reality surgery.

Named for its ability to give surgeons "x-ray vision,” xvision made history in December 2019 as the first FDA-approved AR navigation system for surgery. The cutting-edge technology superimposes critical data onto the surgical field, allowing surgeons to visualize patient anatomy through skin and tissue and to accurately navigate instruments and implants during spine surgery. Unlike traditional navigation systems, which require surgeons to continually look away to an ancillary screen, xvision allows surgeons to keep their eyes directly on the patient, lending better visualization, control, and accuracy during spine procedures.

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