Single Pass, Mermaid Set U.S. Distribution Deal for Biopsy Closure Device

It can help reduce the risk of complications and promote faster patient recovery.

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Single Pass

Single Pass reached an exclusive distribution agreement with Mermaid Medical Group to bring Single Pass's biopsy closure device to the U.S. market.

The Single Pass biopsy closure device offers a safe method for closing biopsy sites, reducing the risk of complications, and promoting faster patient recovery.

Under this exclusive distribution agreement, Mermaid Medical Group will serve as the sole distributor of Single Pass's biopsy closure device in the United States. Mermaid Medical Group's extensive network and expertise in the medical technology industry make them an ideal partner for Single Pass, ensuring widespread availability and efficient delivery of this innovative device to healthcare facilities across the country.

The exclusive distribution agreement between Single Pass and Mermaid Medical Group marks a significant milestone in the advancement of biopsy closure technology. By combining Single Pass's cutting-edge device with Mermaid Medical Group's extensive distribution capabilities, healthcare professionals in the United States will have access to a superior solution for biopsy closure procedures.

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