CMR Surgical Integrates Fluorescence Imaging System Into Robotics Platform

It gives surgeons a choice of viewing mode: overlay in full color or greyscale.

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CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical (CMR) announced the launch of vLimeLite – an integrated fluorescence imaging system to visualize ICG (Indocyanine green), which will give surgeons enhanced visualization, where indicated.

Surgeons using Versius Plus – the latest version of the Versius surgical robot – will be able to use vLimeLite to help perform visual assessment of the vessels, blood flow and related tissue perfusion, as well as biliary anatomy.

vLimeLite is unique in surgical robotics because it is an integrated ICG system that allows visualization of ICG with a choice of viewing mode for surgeons: overlay in full color or greyscale. It also allows a choice of ICG color: green or cyan.

Supratim Bose, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical, commented: “With 3D HD visualization, surgeons already have a fantastic view of their operating field at our Versius console. But now, with vLimeLite they can see beyond what the eye can see, allowing them to clearly visualize critical anatomy during their operations.”

“This is the most significant update of Versius since it launched back in 2019. We have listened to the needs of surgeons, and I’m delighted that we have been able to give them what they want – a best-in-class ICG product that we know will make a real difference for their patients,” Bose added.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of CMR Surgical, commented: “I think what is really special is the overlay mode option, which means Versius surgeons will be able to use our integrated ICG system, while continuing to view in full color with the same video quality. vLimeLite truly allows surgeons to see what was once invisible to them.”

Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK is the first hospital to install vLimeLite and its Upper GI team will be the first to start cases.

Steve Hornby and Simon Higgs, Consultant Upper GI Surgeons at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who will be the first to operate with vLimeLite, commented: “We’ve completed more than 200 cases with Versius at Gloucester Royal Hospital. As long-term partners of CMR, we were delighted to be the first to get our hands on its ICG system. We will utilize vLimeLite initially for our oesophagectomies and we can already tell what a difference vLimeLite is going to make.”

“During the anastomosis of the stomach to the oesophagus, the visualization and assessment of tissue perfusion will be much clearer, giving surgeons greater confidence in the health of the gastric conduit.”

Professor Luigi Boni, Chief of the Department of Minimally Invasive and General Surgery at Policlinico di Milano said: “I am pleased that vLimeLite has now launched. I have been working closely with CMR to help bring better ICG visualization to surgical robotics. The launch of vLimeLite enables surgeons to use Versius for the vast majority of surgical procedures, offering the best surgical care to patients.”

vLimeLite is launching initially in UK, Ireland and Hong Kong. A global rollout of vLimeLite will follow, subject to local regulatory approvals and there will be further product launches as part of Versius Plus throughout 2024. The launch of vLimeLite follows CMR’s announcement that Q4 2023 was its strongest quarter on record, with more installations of Versius around the world, and the highest number of procedures undertaken by surgeons.

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