CLS Health Cardiologists Claim Historic First with Transcarotid TAVR

The procedure that avoids open-heart surgery is momentous in cardiac care.

CLS Health

In a groundbreaking medical advancement, three esteemed cardiologists from CLS Health, Dr. Bahaeddin Shabaneh, Dr. Fethi Benraouane, and Dr. Molham Aldeiri, have successfully performed the first series of transcarotid Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedures ever done in Southeast Houston. This innovative approach, which involves replacing a diseased aortic valve through a small neck incision without the need for open-heart surgery, marks a significant leap forward in cardiac care.

 In the photo from left to right are Dr. Fethi Benraouane (CLS Health), Dr. Molham Aldeiri (CLS Health), Dr. Bahaeddin Shabaneh (CLS Health), Dr. Dan Logsdon (CT surgeon), Dr. Hannan Chaugle (CT surgeon). TAVR, whether through the groin approach or neck approach, only requires a half-inch or inch incision. It is increasingly overtaking surgical valve replacement through open heart surgery in patients 65 years or older, as it may achieve comparable results without opening the patient's chest.

The TAVR surgery is a minimally invasive technique performed under local anesthesia with sedation that provides hope for patients who are ineligible for the conventional femoral artery approach. The unique aspect of the carotid approach is done by making a small incision in the neck to deliver the aortic valve in patients who cannot have it through the femoral artery in the groin, which is the standard approach. This novel approach potentially decreases the risk of stroke and vascular complications and makes more options available for patients.

CLS Health cardiologists Dr. Bahaeddin Shabaneh, Dr. Fethi Benraouane, Dr. Molham Aldeiri, and Dr. Ahmad Al-Taweel collectively have performed the highest number of TAVR procedures in Southeast Houston, and a sizable portion of the 600+ procedures done at hospitals in the area (HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake, Memorial Herman Southeast), compared to other cardiologists and groups in the area.

CLS Health is committed to delivering exemplary care through innovative procedures, ensuring patients in Southeast Houston and beyond have access to the best possible cardiac treatments.

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