J&J MedTech Working with NVIDIA to Scale AI for Surgery

They'll focus on edge computing to allow for localized data processing within the OR.

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Johnson & Johnson MedTech announced it is working to accelerate and scale artificial intelligence (AI) for surgery with NVIDIA, supporting increased access to real-time analysis and global availability of AI algorithms for surgical decision-making, education, and collaboration across the connected operating room (OR).

The companies executed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate AI for Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s surgical technologies portfolio with NVIDIA’s AI platform for healthcare. The technologies are designed to allow for fast, secure, and real-time AI deployment through Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s digital surgery ecosystem.

A key element of accelerating AI for surgery is advanced edge computing to allow for localized data processing within the OR, a necessary step for AI algorithms to analyze live and stored surgical data in real time. The approach can also help reduce the need for the transfer of sensitive data and allow for specific applications to run separately within the secure computing environment, delivering ultra-low latency within the operating room, where every second matters.

The NVIDIA IGX edge computing platform and the NVIDIA Holoscan edge AI platform create infrastructure to deploy AI-powered software applications in the OR.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech will also leverage AI technologies to extend its open ecosystem for surgery. NVIDIA’s purpose-built solutions are designed to help accelerate innovation throughout the ecosystem and speed the development and deployment of AI-powered applications in a secure and scalable manner.

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