MOLLI Surgical Unveils OncoPen Surgical Tool

Unlike traditional techniques, it eliminates the need for wires.

Molli Onco Pen 4 Scaled
MOLLI Surgical

MOLLI Surgical today announced the launch OncoPen, a minimally invasive surgical tool designed to empower surgeons and improve outcomes for patients affected with breast cancer. The pen-like wand integrates with the MOLLI 2 System, offering tools for precisely targeting and removing cancerous lesions.

This wand offers surgeons directional 3D guidance. Unlike traditional techniques, it eliminates the need for wires, providing increased scheduling flexibility for surgeons and a better patient experience. The procedure involves pre-surgical placement of a tiny MOLLI Marker near the tumor. During surgery, the surgeon is directed using real-time 3D guidance on the MOLLI Tablet to the precise location of the lesion. This precision allows for targeted lesion removal, smaller surgical incisions, conserving healthy tissue, and potentially improved cosmesis.

The increasing prevalence of breast cancer necessitates advancements in minimally invasive and patient-centric surgical techniques. OncoPen, designed for use with the MOLLI 2 System's advanced navigation capabilities, addresses this critical need.

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