AdvantaPure Unveils Hose Holders for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

The Hose Holders securely accommodates hoses of various sizes.

Hose Holder Press Release Image

AdvantaPure (Southampton, PA) introduced Hose Holders for managing hoses and tubing in biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.


  • Securely accommodates hoses of various sizes
  • Requires a simple wipe with a cleaning solution for optimal cleanliness
  • Minimizes tripping hazards
  • Minimizes contamination risks during fluid transfers
  • Compliant with strict quality and safety standards in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • User-friendly design that allows users to slide the hose into the holder and securely lock it in place
  • Durability and longevity due to high-quality HDPE construction
  • Compact size for space-saving benefits within manufacturing facilities

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