Neurosteer Gets FDA OK for EEG Brain Monitoring Platform

Neurosteer uses an adhesive electrode strip connected to a pocket-sized sensor.

Neurosteer Eeg Brain Monitoring Platform

Neurosteer today announced the FDA clearance of its Neurosteer single-channel EEG brain monitoring platform.

This clearance allows Neurosteer's unobtrusive multi-purpose system to be used in a broad range of clinical settings. In the ICU, it can offer continuous brain monitoring to support critical interventions. In a doctor's office, it can aid in the early detection of pre-symptomatic cognitive decline, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia. And in pharma drug trials, it can assist in the rapid and cost-effective mass screening of subjects who may be suffering from neurodegenerative disorders.

Neurosteer uses an adhesive electrode strip connected to a pocket-sized sensor that wirelessly transmits EEG data to the cloud for advanced signal processing. Using just a single adhesive forehead strip, Neurosteer's innovative solution offers the traditional EEG frequency bands while also being cleared by the FDA to include several novel "brain metrics" visual representations.

These brain metrics rely on Neurosteer's advanced signal processing technology and may assist trained medical staff in making neurological diagnoses. In addition, affixing the adhesive strip to the forehead avoids interference from the hair, and using dry gel supports unattended operation for up to 12 hours. Finally, the system includes a noninvasive assessment with auditory prompts that can aid in the early detection of brain deterioration.

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