Haemonetics Begins Limited Market Release for New Vascular Closure Device

It features a collapsible disc technology and a proprietary resorbable collagen patch.

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iStock/Mohammed Haneefa Nizamudeen

Haemonetics has launched a limited market release of its new VASCADE MVP XL mid-bore venous closure device. The VASCADE MVP XL system expands Haemonetics' VASCADE portfolio of vascular closure systems featuring a collapsible disc technology and a proprietary resorbable collagen patch designed to promote rapid hemostasis.

Haemonetics' current VASCADE portfolio includes the VASCADE system, designed for "small-bore" femoral arterial and venous closure with standard 5-6/7F procedural sheaths, and the VASCADE MVP system, designed for "mid-bore" multi-access femoral venous closure with 6-12F procedural sheaths. The upsized VASCADE MVP XL system utilizes 58% more collagen and a larger disc than the current VASCADE MVP system, providing a robust closure solution for procedures requiring 10-12F sheaths (up to 15F in outer diameter) such as cryoablation and left atrial appendage closure for atrial fibrillation patients.

The VASCADE MVP XL system earned pre-market approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this spring. The limited market release follows the first procedure performed using VASCADE MVP XL by Dr. Tom McElderry, Section Chief, Electrophysiology and Co-Director Heart & Vascular Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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