Audien Launches Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid for Under $100

It features three unique hearing modes and background noise cancellation.

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Audien Hearing is now offering what it's calling the world’s first FDA-compliant hearing aid sold over-the-counter (OTC) for less than $100: the ATOM ONE, exclusively available at Walmart.

Retailing for $98, launched on October 1 online and available in-store as of today, the ATOM ONE will allow millions of people suffering from hearing loss to walk in and purchase an economical device. 

Founded in 2019 and privately owned, Audien Hearing’s mission to make hearing accessible and affordable for everyone is stronger than ever as the one-year mark approaches on U.S. government regulations changing for OTC hearing aid guidelines.

Following over half-a-million sales of its original ATOM Series (in-the-ear) and BTE Series (behind-the-ear) devices, Audien is quickly becoming known as one of the hottest retail healthcare business disruptors and one that is well-positioned to shake up the multi-billion-dollar hearing aid market.

Marked by three unique hearing modes, background noise cancellation, and a nearly invisible in-the-ear design, this new model joins its other mid-priced device also available on since early 2022.

Some 95% less costly than its competitors, Audien’s latest product launch covers a unique place in the audiology market and the overall healthcare system.

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